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Legal notice

1.Standard form contract

V4Tailor Ltd is the owner and operator of (including all domains and subdomains associated with Our terms and conditions are available in English. These terms and conditions apply to all users of the website, regardless of how they access them, and include all technologies, devices and products on which the website of V4Tailor is available. Please read these terms carefully before using the website and before placing an order or registering with V4Tailor. By accessing the Website, navigating and / or using, you agree to be fully bound by these terms, whether you create an account through the Website, register on the Website or log in with your account. If you are unwilling to accept these terms, do not use, access, or execute the Website. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time, so each time you use this website you are subject to the current privacy policy; So please always check the terms and conditions to make sure you agree with them.

2. Data of the owner of the website
  • V4Tailor GmbH
  • Mooslackengasse 17
  • 1190 Vienna
  • Austria
3. Contact
For any concerns or problems related to the use of the website, contact V4Tailor:

Unfortunately, we do not offer a telephone service.

4. Services

V4Tailor offers tailored shirts for men, women and children. On the website you will find detailed product descriptions and 3D visualizations of the products that can be purchased.
While we try to faithfully present the colors of our products on the website, the actual colors of the fabrics are dependent on your monitor and screen settings, and we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed by your screen will exactly match those of the product at the time of delivery and / or reception has:
  • The variations in manufacturing, the settings of your monitor and your computer hardware may affect fabrics and product designs, which means that the products supplied may be slightly different in appearance than shown and described on the website;
  • All products / fabrics from V4Tailor are subject to availability, which means we cannot always deliver the order. We will inform you as soon as possible if the ordered product is not available; and if you agree, we may offer you an alternative product of equal or superior quality or value;
  • Please note that your order will not be processed until you have completed the order and we have received your approval from your payment card.
5. Price
The website of V4Tailor will provide clear and accurate information on product prices; the price displayed on the website is the final price for your destination country. You should pay no extra costs. If any have been collected, please contact us, we will review it and refund any unduly charged fees.
If your order is detained by Customs, please contact us before commencing any transaction with Customs.
If the package is held by customs, we will refund the import duties (maximum 20% of the invoice amount of your order).

6. Shipping
The delivery time takes a maximum of 30 days from the date of payment.
V4Tailor guarantees the delivery time except in situations beyond our control (the customer is not available, unpredictable weather conditions, errors in the delivery dates, legal requirements, etc.).
For orders over 100 €, the shipping costs are waived. For orders with an order value of less than € 100, the shipping costs are € 9.90 (regardless of the number of products ordered).

7. Changes and refund
V4Tailor offers a perfect fit guarantee for all our products. This warranty includes:
  • Bringing your non-fitting garment to a local tailor for changes.
  • If the local tailor cannot solve the problem, we will re-tailor the garment for you.
To apply for a refund, the following steps must be followed:

  • Bring your non-fitting clothes to a local tailor for changes.
  • Ask your tailor what changes have been made (fill out the Readjustment Form)
  • Log in to your user account, click on "New Complaint", attach the invoice, Readjustment Form
  • V4Tailor will refund you the costs1 within 72 hours
1 The reimbursement of change costs are limited. The following conditions apply for the reimbursement of the change costs:

  • The refund must be requested within 30 days of receiving the order
  • Costs will only be reimbursed if you apply for them via "New Complaint” in your customer account
  • The reimbursement of change costs is limited to:
    • Shirts: 15 €

  • Return shipping costs are the responsibilty of the customer
8. Cancellation
V4Tailor only allows the cancellation of an order if it takes place within 24 hours. After that, V4Tailor cannot cancel the order anymore because production has started and costs have been incurred (for fabrics, tailors, etc.).

9. Changes and correctness of content
V4Tailor reserves the right to make unannounced changes to the website, to modify, delete or add content and services on the website, as we endeavor to constantly improve and keep our website up-to-date.

10. Exclusion rights
V4Tailor reserves the right to deny access to the website and / or services without prior notice or by a third party if the user violates these terms and conditions.

11. Intellectual and industrial property

The website and its contents, including services, programs, data, designs, tests, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, as well as software, trade names, trademarks, works, images, photographs or technical drawings and other commercially viable functions are the property of V4Tailor and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property legislation. In no case shall it be assumed that V4Tailor grants a license or waiver, to transfer or relinquish the above rights or grants any right or promise to alter, transform, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly reproduce the content without the prior express and written approval of V4Tailor or its respective owners. The user can only use the website and its contents for personal and private use. Any other use is prohibited and requires the prior express or written consent of V4Tailor. V4Tailor makes every reasonable effort to ensure that this website is free from viruses and other dubious or harmful content. You may use, download, and print content from the website solely for your own personal use or for non-commercial, personal use.

Except for personal use or internal business purposes, the following processes may not be performed without the prior written consent of V4Tailor:

  • Use of the contents of the website for commercial use.
  • Modification, distribution or publishing of the contents of the website for any purpose;
  • copy, reproduce, use or trade the Content on the Website in any other way;
  • Duplication of the website
12. Obligations of users

In general, users must always use reasonable care to act in accordance with the law, good ethics, and principles of good faith, and to refrain from interfering with the website, goods, or rights of V4Tailor, operators, other users, and generally third parties damage or render the website unusable.

The user is subject to the following obligations while using the website, without any limitation to the preceding section:

  • Provide truthful information about the data collected on the registration or order form and ensure that it is up-to-date.
  • Not to use a false identity or to use the identity of another person for the use of the website or its services, including the use of passwords or access codes of third parties, or in any other way.
  • Not to destroy, modify, use for personal purposes, disable or damage data, information, programs or electronic documents of V4Tailor, our suppliers or third parties.
  • Do not engage in any promotional activity or commercial exploitation through the website, or use its content and information for promotional mailings, or to send communications for any other business purposes or to collect or store third party personal information.
  • Make no promotional or commercial use of the website, or use its content and information for promotional mailings, or send communications for any other business purpose or to collect or store personal information of third parties.
  • Use the Website to not enter, save, store or distribute any program, data, code or other electronic or physical device that may cause harm to any third party on the Site, its services or any of the features, systems or networks of V4Tailor.
  • Use the Website to not enter, store or disseminate content that infringes intellectual and industrial property rights or disclose the trade secrets of others, and, generally, does not contain content that the law does not have the authority to disclose to third parties.
  • Do not enter, store or disseminate any defamatory, abusive, offensive, threatening, xenophobic, violent, or racial, gender, ideological, or religious information or material on or through this website, or in any other way against morality, public freedoms, honor, privacy or the image of third parties or, in general, against the applicable law.
13. Data Protection
In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform the user that his personal data will be stored in files owned by V4Tailor, exclusively for customized edits, promotional purposes and business analysis, including the sending of commercial communications about products, services, offers, promotions and news of the V4Tailor group are used.
The user can at any time exercise his right of access, rectification, cancellation and revocation by sending a written notification to V4Tailor via the contact form found on the website.

14. Links to other websites:
The V4Tailor website has some links to other websites you can visit. We have no influence on the content of these websites nor have we checked them. If you access a website whose link has been provided on this website, you accept that V4Tailor is not responsible for the content of the website, including any advertisements or products offered to you on this website.
V4Tailor is also not liable for any offense, damage or loss caused by the fact that you have visited this website.
15. Social Networking
These terms also apply to any postings you make to websites linked to V4Tailor, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin.
All comments, pictures, videos and other material on external social networks do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideas of V4Tailor or its employees.
Therefore, V4Tailor is not responsible for such content.
In any case, all material posted on foreign social networks must comply with these terms and, if applicable, with the terms of use of those social networks.

16. Cookies
Our web site stores information about the IP addresses of computers and uses cookies.
Cookies are small text files that contain information that is stored by the web pages on the hard disk of the computer when the user visits this web page. Cookies help us to improve the website and make navigation easier and more personal for you.

Specifically, they allow us:

  • Estimate usage figures and patterns
  • store information about your preferences and customize our website,
  • to simplify your search,
  • to be recognized when you return to our website.
The user can prevent the filing of cookies by setting the browser so that cookies are not accepted.
However, if you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to access many features of our website and may experience functional limitations with some services.

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